We are an investment holding company that believes in building assets for long-term sustainable growth

Who We Are

Al Tawfeeq for Development & Investment is a UAE based Investment Company that believes in achieving long-term strategic objectives, by carefully shaping its portfolio to capitalize on macroeconomic trends for fruitful returns.

Our team of talented investment professionals monitor key economic trends in the public and private sector, assess investment options and take action in key investments to achieve our strategic objectives.

who we are


To nurture, grow and expand our investments portfolio with a singular goal of stakeholder satisfaction.


To evolve into a Global
Investment Powerhouse


Integrity, Excellence
Innovation, Ownership

Message from the Director

Al Tawfeeq for Development & Investment has become a leading player in the UAE for its investments portfolio performance due to our concrete commitment of achieving stakeholder satisfaction.

The decisions we’ve made while building our portfolio was driven by numerous factors. Some of them include innovation-potential and long-term opportunities for our varied set of stakeholders. Our key asset are our people, who drive us to success as we develop their talent and the organization’s corporate culture, as a whole.

We conduct our operations with responsibility, to ensure a positive impact is marked upon our community for organic prosperity.

What We Do

Each of our investments are carefully assessed before we take our decision. We take pride in how diverse our portfolio is, as we monitor micro and macro elements of the economic landscape, while factoring the cultural sensibilities of our target locations

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